The Successful and Relaxed Entrepreneur Global Summit

Do you believe that you can only be successful sacrificing the quality of your life?

Are you thriving in your business and, still, feel there is something missing?

Have you ever thought "What am I doing this for? There has to be more to life than this"?"

Would you like to discover how to be successful while loving your life?

Join my free four days event

"The Successful and Relaxed Entrepreneur Global Summit:

how to Thrive in Your Business while Enjoying Dolce Vita"

March 3th to 6th

from 18.00 CET / 9.00 am PST / 12.00 pm EST

to 19.30 CET / 10.30 am PST / 13.30 pm EST

Discipline is freedom. This is my mantra!

Born and raised in northern Italy - where creativity, productivity and dolce vita meet, I am a worldwide traveler, healthy lifestyle, yoga, art and music passionate. I have a humanistic and corporate background. For 20 years I was Member of the BoD and Manager in my family business (luxury and premium brands cars dealerships). Being a high achiever, at that time I showed up as a perfectionist and workaholic, always spinning my wheels and sacrificing my personal time, energy, health. I had no life.

When the 2008 crisis hit, we had to close our business.

This was when I understood that it wasn't worth scarifying my life for success.

Then, I totally changed my approach to my business and my life: I put myself first in my queue- no matter what, taking  time for myself a non negotiable priority, developed unshakeable discipline, built a strong and stress free daily organization, to bring  joy and lightness in whatever I do. 




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