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The Dolce VITA Leadership and Lifestyle consultant

Angela Santi The Dolce VITA Leadership & Lifestyle Consultant empowering rebellious and ambitious business leaders worldwide to thrive by living and leading their companies the Dolce Vita Way.

Welcome to La Dolce Vita Revolution!

 About Angela

Angela is the one-of-a-kind boutique-style Leadership and Lifestyle Consultant for elite entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives.

With almost 30 years of business experience (18 as an entrepreneur), and humanistic background, she has pioneered the Dolce V.I.T.A. Leadership and Lifestyle Mastery Model,  a lively and strategic approach for empowering her clients to thrive by living and leading the Dolce Vita way, so that they can smoothly grow their business, have a fantastic lifestyle and improve their employee's lives and overall wellbeing


One-on-One tailor-made boutique-style virtual Leadership & Lifestyle coaching, consulting and mentoring.

Virtual workshops and lectures

Ideal Clients

Impact-driven entrepreneurs, business owners, and executives of brick & mortar small/medium-size businesses. I am particularly fond of applied tech, cosmetics, B-corps, and luxury... but I don't exclude other industries. I love working with family businesses, with late X Gens, Millennials, and Z Gens.

 My ideal clients are visionary thought-leaders in business who is growing their company.

They are here to disrupt the obsolete status quo rules of business, economy, and social structure. They are passionate leaders who want to create a positive impact in the world.

Now they are ready to become a Dolce Vita, Renaissance leader and create momentum in their business, by enjoying their life and improving the lives of all around them.

web: https://angelasanti.it/
email: angela@angelasanti.it
tel: +393386692227

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